Bruce Jenner Changes His Mind About Donald Trump!!

Thursday is here and just a couple of days left before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend!! There is plenty to get to so let’s get after it!!

In the world of sports…..

  • Were you surprised the Celtics beat the Cavaliers in Game Five last night? Average NBA players always play better at home than on the road. Outside of LeBron James everyone playing in this series are just good to really good NBA players. Plus I told you so yesterday.
  • Someone on Instagram claimed that Kyle Korver is better than Carmelo Anthony. Of course Anthony disputes this. Here’s the thing; Anthony IS better than Korver but I would rather have a team full of Korver’s than a team full of Anthony’s any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • The NFL owners are smart people. They put an end to their players kneeling as a form of solidarity in response to remarks President Donald Trump made about them on Twitter. See what I did there? If you still believe the majority of the “kneelers” after September 24, 2017 were protesting anything other than Trump’s tweet you are living in a land far far away from reality. That Kaepernick protest was for all intents and purposes finished until Trump tweeted his twidiocy.
  • Some NFL players have reacted to Wednesday’s NFL ruling. After watching former NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid get blackballed I doubt there will be that much vocal opposition. They will become like the rest of working America and quietly hate their bosses but unlike the rest of us they will suffer in the silent confines of their mansions and expensive sports cars.
  • Wondering who the Top 25 NCAA College Football teams are and what makes them so special? The after spring practice results are in!!
  • Boston Red Sox sluggers Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez have 31 home runs between them and neither want to be a part of the annual All Star Games Home Run Derby. Aaron Judge won last year’s event and he says he isn’t coming back either. Some say it fucks up their swing.

Everywhere else…..

  • Fox News teleprompter reader Tomi Lahren is being praised for taking the high road for not reacting to the nasty people who fucked with her at a Minneapolis restaurant this past weekend.
  • This 30 year old man is pissed that his parents asked him to move out of their home. He’s also pissed because he feels his parents didn’t give him enough “notice”. The parents had to take their son to court to have him removed and the judge agreed. His parents even gave him money to help him find another place. Of course he accepted and claims to have spent the money on “other things”. Now he wants to appeal the judge’s ruling. Check out this interview and if you come to any conclusion OTHER than he is a self-entitled, spoiled douchebag than I can’t help you.


Wanna know why the Flash Speaks Podcast is a hit? Listen below and you will discover why!!


Have a terrific Thursday everyone!!


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