Jesse Duplantis and the 54 Million Dollar Hustle

Thursday is here and I am excited to get after it today! We have Game One of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. We have an amazing Stanley Cup Final between the Las Vegas Golden Nights and Washington Capitals that produced one of the most amazing saves I have ever seen.


Then we have televangelist Jesse Duplantis. He already has three planes and wants folks to pay for his fourth one. And not just any ordinary plane but one with a shower. The cost is a whopping 54 million dollars and expects his fellow Christian believers to pay for. Because “God” told him too lol.

Copeland has become so wealthy preaching the prosperity message his god actually blessed him with not only a couple of jets but an entire airport!!!

He claims he needs that airplane to help him spread the gospel but he already has three airplanes to do this. Why oh why does he need a fourth one?

Because he’s a greedy mother fucker that’s why.

Duplantis knows that he will get it too because the people that will give him the money are just as fucking greedy as he is. They just aren’t as smart as Duplantis.

I could sit here and theologically carve up Duplantis and the rest of his ilk like a Thanksgiving turkey and that thief is still going to get his jet because that’s what he does.

You’d think folks like Copeland and Duplantis would be able to get to their destinations the way us regular folks do, wouldn’t you? You know, flying coach? As charismatic as these fellas are I bet they could even talk their way into a free upgrade if they wanted to.

I’m actually in awe of these dudes and their ability to raise money; I couldn’t raise 200 bucks for an elderly homeless guy yet they can raise millions to buy jets.

Fucking awestruck.

It’s amazing how these folks are able to traipse out Jewish customs like First Fruits and convince their greedy followers to fork over 10 percent of their total income. President Trumps Spiritual Adviser Paula White-Cain employs this scam perfectly to fleece her greedy followers. Watching her work her scripture twisting magic is a sight to behold.

Wonder how much Trump coughs up every year? Probably nothing as he has a better hustle going.

According to the bible Jesus of Nazareth was broke and homeless. The disciples of Jesus were all homeless roaming preachers who had infirmities and except for John were all supposedly martyred for their efforts.

Maybe Jesus didn’t understand his own message?

That’s enough……happy Thursday everyone!!




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