NBA Finals 2018: J.R Smith is a Knucklehead!!

Well, Game One of the NBA Finals is in the books. Golden State was victorious in overtime 124-114. Reading the comments from fans is always interesting. The big gripe from last night? Was LeBron James in a legal guarding position on this play involving James and the Warriors Kevin Durant?


Clearly the initial call of charging was the correct one however the referees decided to change the call. Did it cost the Cavaliers the game? Maybe. But the last 36 seconds of this basketball game was also interesting.



George Hill blew the second free throw that should’ve iced this one. He’s catching 12 kinds of hell this morning and it’s too bad because Hill is a career 82 percent free throw shooter on the road.

What was J.R. Smith doing after getting that GREAT VETERAN BIG TIME rebound? Smith is a career knucklehead but how do you not know what the score is when during the last couple of minutes? He claims he knew the score; Head Coach Tyronn Lue claims he didn’t.  I could see if Smith were a rookie but this cat has played in four consecutive NBA Finals.

That last six seconds or so is what cost the Cavaliers Game One. The overturned call didn’t make things easier but veterans are supposed to know how to close games and Hill and Smith failed to do so.

Earlier this week on the Phil Naessens Show I previewed this series and one of the things I mentioned was that teams play as good as they can against the Warriors while the Warriors only play as good as they have to. That was absolutely the case in Game One.

On that same show I smashed Lue over his whacky rotations; last night was another instance of dumb rotations as Jordan Clarkson played more minutes than Kyle Korver. Lue claims it was a matchup issue but Korver finished +12 so that excuse doesn’t hold any water with me.

Game Two on Sunday could be interesting; Tristan Thompson did a dumb thing shoving a ball into the face of Warriors instigator Draymond Green AFTER being ejected and Kevin Love stepped onto the court while the altercation was going on. Both could be suspended for Game Two.

The NBA did give Russell Westbrook a free pass for doing so in Game Three of the Utah Jazz series so maybe the NBA will show Kevin some love and give him a pass. Thompson might not be as lucky and probably will miss Game Two.

Looking forward to Game Two on Sunday!!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!







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