Golden State Destroys Cleveland for a 2-0 Lead

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are furious; they believe they should have won Game One and feel that believed hosing by the referees continued onto Game Two.

ESPN Analyst Jeff Van Gundy even claims there was a situation in Game Two that was “old school refereeing”.

Golden State fans are now fully convinced the perceived lull that seemingly hung over the Warriors throughout the 2017-2018 Warriors season is over and the real Warriors are back!!

Whatever scenario you prefer the Warriors have a two games to none lead in their best of seven series with the Cavaliers. Game Three Wednesday night in Cleveland should tell us plenty about the Cavaliers.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, aka the “splash brothers” have dominated this entire series. Much to the delight of the Oracle Arena crowd Curry set a NBA Finals record with nine triples in Game Two.

The thoughtful Cavaliers fan  shouldn’t be surprised to see good three point shooting teams go off on them; throughout these playoffs teams have an effective field goal percentage of 52.4 percent ranking them 10th amongst their fellow playoff teams.

The Warriors aren’t just a good shooting team but a great shooting team.

Cleveland shot a miserable 9-27 from beyond the arc and most of the time their stagnant non ball moving offense stood around waiting for LeBron James to do his thing. Unfortunately for James every time he touched the ball he had to deal with double and triple teams forcing him to be more of a facilitator. That might have been a good thing but his teammates other than Kevin Love couldn’t throw the ball into an ocean shooting an abysmal 41 percent on 37-90 shooting.

In a series with a team like Golden State adjustments matter and that is something the Cavaliers don’t do very well. Actually they don’t do that at all but they would need a coach that had a basketball IQ and that guy isn’t Tyronn Lue.

Cavaliers sharpshooter Kyle Korver has only played 32 minutes in this series. Seems odd for a team’s third leading scorer in the playoffs to be spending so much time on the pine. I guess it’s because J.R. Smith is playing so much better, right Ty?

This wouldn’t be a Warriors/Cavaliers series without some drama. Steph Curry fell into the Cavaliers bench and it appears that Kendrick Perkins didn’t try to break his fall……you tell me what you see here.


Much like the Boston series I suspect we will see a different Cavaliers team in Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night. Average to good players usually play better at home and they had better be because Curry, Thompson and Kevin Durant light it up wherever they play.


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