Ten Must Listen to Podcasts 2018

I have been receiving plenty of emails asking me what I look for in a podcast and what podcasts I listen to…..

I really only have two main requirements

  1. The podcasts have to sound good
  2. The host or hosts have to know what they are talking about

So with those two requirements in mind, and in no particular order, here are the top ten podcasts the Flash listens to.

Atheist Bible Study

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s well produced and researched, entertaining, and easy to listen to.  The hosts produce the show once per week and believe me when I say this one is worth the wait. Currently Atheist Bible Study has a 16 podcast archive and I look forward to more from Em and Al.

The Ringer NBA

If you like NBA talk on an almost daily basis than the Ringer NBA might just be what you are looking for. It’s hosted by various NBA people and these folks are knowledgeable with an easy to listen to, professional sound. The Ringer NBA has a huge archive section and like I said the podcast is updated almost daily.


 Sips, Suds and Smokes

This is a crazy popular show about wine, whiskey, beer and cigars. Yes, it’s a guy type podcast but I think the ladies might also enjoy it. The sound is fantastic with lively, entertaining banter that is non repetitive and quite interesting. I look forward to this podcast every week and I think you will too!!


The Phoenix Preacher Podcast

Pastor Michael Newnham hosts this weekly podcast dedicated to issues surrounding Christendom. He’s probably one of the few Christian ministers I can stomach. Newnham is extremely knowledgeable and his presentations are thoughtful and considerate of those who have been abused by Christians in power. The sound is pretty good and Newnham is easy to listen to.

Political Gabfest

If you like unscripted political talk you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than Political Gabfest. This weekly dose of politics has been around a long, long, time. The do explicit language at times but the talk is somewhat balanced, the sound is incredible and it’s a really good listen. The best part is the chemistry between the three hosts; these hosts have been working together for quite a while now and it shows in the way they move from topic to topic and argument. The podcast also has an extensive archives so if binge listening is your thing this is the show for you!

Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports

Lenny Melnick is a member of the Fantasy Baseball Hall of Fame and when he’s not broadcasting on Sirius he hosts a daily live podcast Monday through Friday at 9am eastern. The show is live and also has their own on site chat room where Lenny and his listeners talk Major League and Fantasy Baseball. If you can’t tune in live you can also listen on demand but it’s better if you can be there live. The sound is great and you will learn more about baseball and fantasy baseball on that program than you can listening to ten shows by anyone else.

My Favorite Murder

If you are a True Crime fan you are going to love listening to these ladies each and every week. This is far and away the most professional podcast on the market today. My Favorite Murder has turned into a business including live shows and a nationwide tour. I can’t say enough good things about this show and to top it all off these gals are funny as hell. This my binge podcast and I would bet this will also become yours as well.

The Ringer NFL Show

I promise I’m not shilling for Bill Simmons. The Ringer NFL Show is the best NFL podcast out there. Each and every week (twice weekly during the season) The Ringer NFL Show ably guides the listener through everything you need to know to make you a wiser football fan. Every show is different as there is usually a different set of hosts and that makes this a unique and fascinating must listen to podcast.

The Hockey News Podcast

Whenever I talk hockey on the Phil Naessens Show this is the podcast I HAVE to listen to. Anywhere from two to five times per week this podcast drops and I must say I can’t wait to get my ears into this show. Serious reporting and highly experienced and knowledgeable hockey people bring the hockey fan everything they could want and more without being long winded and repetitive. The show sounds great and for me this is THE definitive Ice Hockey podcast.

Grumpy Old Geeks

There are plenty of interesting things to be found on the internet. There are also pitfalls and in order to avoid these I listen to Grumpy Old Geeks. These fellas tell it straight and pull no punches as they discuss the best and worst the internet has to offer. The podcast drops about once a week with a HUGE archive of useful information that never goes out of date. Easy listening and one of the best the internet has to offer!

Happy listening!!


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